A Delicious evening Mangosteen

Well let me tell you something i have never adjusted my schedule like this and the way i reached this place was a fun ride because i was getting late for this review session at a place somewhere on 4th floor situated in the center of the city and i have lots of memories from this place as i threw my birthday party here and ordered everything from Indian to Italian to Chinese.


One of those cafes in Indore other than national chains who has sustained in the food market of Indore for more than 6 years and the reason is they always have something new either it is treat to our eyes or to our stomach ?❤ . Renovated more than 4 times and revised there menu again to serve people of Indore the things they wanted to eat at this place. One of them is Chicken ? , and yes you read it right. It has started serving non-veg as well and i think i just forgot to mention the cafe ?? . It is the “Mangosteen Cafe” owned by a successful restaurateur Mr. Saurabh & boss thank you for inviting us to taste the new dishes added to your menu.


Let me first tell you about this place quickly, It is situated in New Palasia interstar building 4th floor. The best part is the mezzanine floor with gazebo seating and we sat in open air in the beautiful breezy weather under the moonlight and those incandescent bulbs were adding colors to it . They did some amazing graffiti which will definitely make you click a picture with it? and guess what i did that too ?

After all the fun it was time to review the food. So here it goes

1. Chicken Chimichuri : Chimichurri is a magical sauce. It’s a zesty and green sauce with fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar, chili pepper and olive oil that livens up pretty much anything you throw at it. Steak, fish, vegetables and chicken all love it — especially if they’re grilled or roasted. The chicken was roasted on Tawa served on skews n were very handy


2. Chicken Mushroom pot leek pie : i’m not a mushroom lover but this. Ooo maaayyy gaaud ? , the chicken n mushroom were marinated so perfectly & covered with canopy like crispy rotis were keeping chicken n mushroom warm. This was served with leek pie made of leek n shredded potatoes. Another must try dish from the menu


3. Chicken Baguette : This is a french delicacy from paris. It actually a bread loaf stuffed with minced marinated chicken and cheese on the top of bread, baked for a time n served fresh. Try this with Cuban mojito ?? . I mean the combination of those two is like pizza n coca cola (You know what i mean)


4. Pav bhaji & Dal Makhani : This is actually good that many cafes have started serving indian food as main courses but they still lack in bringing the actual taste from the street or city they belong
Pav Bhaji, the love of every Mumbaiker. Personally i didn’t liked it much because it was quite normal n nothing extra added by the chef who made this.


Dal makhani Combo, the love of every Punjabi. Well I’m a punjabi too and when i heard this was going to be served i was literally so happy because its been a month away from home n i didnt had my Moms Dal Makhani. So when it came looked really tempting but then again these cafes lack somewhere in bringing the aroma and the taste. After having a bite, was not happy just bcz i made my hopes high n it turned out not to be nice. Still you can give it a try two City Foods on one Table ?

5. Waffle with Cream n Fruits served with Maple n Blueberry Syrup : These warm waffles with in house freshly made Blueberry Syrup actually made my day. And how i can forget my favorite maple syrup ? . If you go to Mangosteen, Make sure you have this platter


That’s all from My delicious journey to Mangosteen Cafe .Stay Tuned for my new blog and Do Follow me On Instagram and Facebook

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