9 India’s most famous street food places to eat in Indore

The below list is all about well known street food places one should visit, and these are my personal favorites because street food and hidden food places are my forte and of course food on street is crazy like me

Johny Hot Dog, Chappan Dukkan:

Indore’s very own superstar, Mr. Vijay Singh Rathore changed the scene of street food with the idea of selling veg & non-veg hotdogs. The man who made it to Forbes “The Food Issue India”. Mutton lovers it’s paradise for you.

Joshi ke dahi bade, Sarafa

 A 70-year-old delicacy served with love and richness of flavors, Mr. Ram Chandra Joshi is very well known for his Flying Dahi bade in the streets of Sarafa.

Vijay Chat house (Khopra pateez), Chappan Dukkan

little bombs of flavor in form of fried pattie filled with sweetness of Khopra and tanginess of chutneys it’s one unique evening snack to binge on. An 50+ years old shop

Head sahab Usal Poha, Old palasia

Since 1983, this place is famous for its Chana and paneer usal, served with poha. A very famous breakfast joint for over 3 decades, is one food heritage of Indore.

Bhutte ka kees (Sawariya Chaat house), Sarafa

Another gem of Indore which is only available at Sarafa , the 23 year old shop has been a food attraction majorly famous for its “Kees”. It’s crushed corn cooked over the flame. The plate is layered with corn (bhutta), crushed slice of coconut with some squeezed lemon and coriander on the top

Lal Balti Kachori, Two outlets(Ram bagh & Rajendra Nagar)

one of the most famous eating attractions in Indore, It’s known for its mouth watering kachoris and its super spicy chutney. A must visit in your list. The kachoris are available until the bulb inside the red bucket is glowing

Avon Garadu, Sarafa

A famously found vegetable in MP, garadu (purple yam) is a snack loved by every Indori. This shop is famously known for its piping hot & crispy fried garadu available 24×7 x 365 days.

Jaleba, Sarafa

It’s the bigger version of jalebi in every dimension. Only available at Sarafa and the speciality about Jaleba is though it is thick n huge still it is crispier and juicy. You can eat with some Rabdi on the top

Nagori Shikanji, Sarafa

Don’t get confused with lemon Soda based drinks which are widely known as Shikanji. This is another Indore based delicacy which is milk, kesar, pista based drink which is 100 years old  and now sells a glass at Rs. 60

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