10 Vegetarian House Party Lunch/Dinner Menu

As Indians having guests over is an age-old tradition, because “Atithi Devo Bhava!”. But this comes with huge dilemma of what to cook for lunch or dinner. Entertaining guests with a plethora of dishes are a matter of respect and honoring of the guests as Indians, making It more difficult to decide the dinner and lunch menus. Restaurant food can never beat the authenticity of the age-old moms home cooked food recipes. With the pandemic hitting the world it is bringing back times when food was home cooked, friends and family came over for celebrations, also bring back the home cooked tradition food. Here coming up with some amazing ideas to serve your guests for lunch or dinner parties.

  1. Punjabi style cooked Rajma, Karari Bhindi, served with rice: No wonder rajma is called the king of the pulses. Having guests over for lunch and don’t know what to cook, Rajma is the solution. Rajma is loved and appreciated by kids and adults too. Serving rajma with a nicely cooked karari bhindi and garam garam chapati is the best afternoon lunch menu. For siders having some green salad, pickle and raita is a great combination. As royal the lunch looks its even easier to cook.
  1. Amritsari Kulche and chole: No lockdown can keep the Punjabis away from their favorite kulche and chole. One of the easiest and most loved food is chole kulche/ bhature and is loved and relished by all. Chole goes well with rice as well and thus this combination is a wholesome meal in itself. A perfect lunch or dinner menu. For sides can be served a vegetable like here it’s been served with Kathal (jackfruit) ki sabzi, you can curate a combination of your own and serve with mix veg raita, pickle and salad.
  1. Dal-bati Churma:  It is one of the most famous dishes in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Dalbati in its own is a very royal and a heavy meal. One of the best options to serve it for lunch. Your guests will be left content, elated and finger licking post this culturally delightful meal. Dalbati is served with yellow dal, gatte ki sabzi, kadhi, garlic chutney, Butter Mik, churma laddo. Its an age old “Marwari” and “Rajasthani” traditional main course. The dalbati combination can be served with a variety of vegetables like- baingan bharta (Egg Plant), Aloo sabzi, beans, mix vegetable etc. this is a sure hit menu to be served for lunch.
  1. Mumbai chat house: Sounds like a beachside shop on Juhu beach. Exploring the horizon of dinner menus, serving your guests with mouth watering street food is one the quirkiest and easy to serve dinner menus. Making chaat-papdi, panipuri, chole tikki and dahi puri, bhel has already left you with a mouth full of water. Serving your guests with this menu with this food extravaganza will also leave your guests with all praises. So the next time you have a dilemma of what new to cook for a party consider the chat house option.
  1. Hongkong Chinese: We Indians have fusion the Chinese food with Indian culture making it more tempting and harder to resist. The street style Chinese food is also a great idea for dinner menus. The amazingly home cooked Manchurian with fried rice/noodles, chilly paneer some of the irresistible indie Chinese delicacy. This is an easy to make and easy to serve Chinese dishes. A dinner evening with friends and family and lots of Chinese food sounds like a great dinner plan
  1. Mexican rice and tortilla chips: Quarantine cooking has made people explore different cuisine dishes. One of them is home cooked tortillas chips with salsa dip and Mexican rice. This in itself is a very filling meal with richness of the Mexican rice. The rice is cooked with grains like rajma, chawla, peanuts, veggies, cheese etc. tortillas chips give the crispy and tangy flavor. This can be a great innovation to your dinner menu and a different cuisine taste for your guests.
  1. Dal makhani/Dal Bukhara:  If you’re a food lover dal makhani would surely be your weakness. Dalmakhani is also called as Dal Bukhara at some places. Dal makhani is part of every important event be it weddings, grand dinners or a normal visit to the restaurant. For a lavish whole some dinner dalmakhani served with rice or naan is a great option to entertain your guests.  Dalmakhani served with rice pickle, salad and raita is way to foodcoma. So the next time when you plan a dinner dalmakhani should surely be a hit in your list.
  1. Cheese Dum Aloo: Nobody ever said a no to the aloo love. Aloo served in any form is loved and relished by everyone. Cheese dum aloo is a dish that can up your cooking game in a family gathering at home. It is a wholesome heavy dish can be served with naan, paratha or roti. Something that everyone loves and will be a great lunch or dinner serving
  1. . Paneer makhani and Tandoori Roti: Talking about vegetarian food and not mentioning Paneer (cottage cheese) is a sin. Paneer can be served as a starter as well as main course. Here we have Paneer makhani or can also be called Butter Paneer Masala. The creaminess of the gravy is absolutely tempting and finger licking. Paneer butter masala is veteran paneer dish and is loved by all. This is something which can never go wrong in a dinner or lunch party served with home cooked tandoori rotis what bliss to experience.
  1. Biryani served with salan and raita: Eternally biryani has been loved and cherished as a great home cooked meal. It is in itself an ocean of flavors. One of the best dinner or lunch options to serve to your guests. Biryani is considered to be a non veg specialty but is always open for experiment for the vegetarians too with paneer, soya and lots of veggies. Biryani can never go wrong and will be your savior

So, the next time you’ve to cook a wholesome delicious vegetarian meal, you’ve plenty of options to serve your guests with.

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