10 MUST HAVE Kachoris In Indore

Street food is something everyone loves

Kachori’s are usually round flattened balls made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of of yellow moong dal or Urad dal, besan, black pepper, red chili powder, salt and other spices. And this is actually served differently in many states of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Delhi etc.

Indore has a wide variety in kachoris that is being sold in every street. Check ‘em out!

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  • Laal Balti Kachori, the MOST famous shop in Indore. Infact, everybody knows about this place. The ‘Aloo ki kachori’ is served with green chutney which is so fiery and flavorful that takes the kachori to a completely next level where the person literally licks his/her fingers off :p. As the name suggests, there is a ‘Laal Balti’ hanging outside the shop that attracts people. A very simple place nothing such as ambiance, only a small seating area with no tables. Just grab a kachori at Laal balti and spice things up.

      Available at RamBagh & Rajendra Nagar

  • Ravi Alpahar, one of the most famous kachori shops in Anand Bazaar. It is at one of the primest locations in Indore and head office Nagar Nigam market. For so many working people around, it satisfies their hunger. Their specialty is ‘Aloo Ki Kachori’ with green chutney or pyaaz chutney. It also serves ‘Fariyali Kachori’ for the people who are Fasting, This is the USP of the place. IMG_0010
  • Gelda Kachori, a shop since 1979 situated in the ‘Heart of the City’ i.e Rajwada it sells poha and jalebi with different types of kachoris. This shop is famous for ‘Matar(peas) ki Kachori’ and ‘Bhutte(corn) ki kachori’ both of these are seasonal. Usually it has the famous ‘Pyaaz ki kachori’ made with 56 types of Khada masala and garlic. Well this is the season for ‘Matar kachori’, so just visit snd enjoy 😀

Available at Dawa Bazaar & RNT Marg

  • GSITS Kachori, a vendor that sells kachori at his stall which is next to GSITS College. A very famous place to have kachori. All the students and office going people usually come here to have a flavorful start to their day and I have heard people often saying “Bawa anand aa Jata hai isse Khaane se!!!  :D” (indori much?). They have ‘Aloo kachori’ served with onion and green chutney, the taste is very different which results in a perfect combination.  IMG_0141
  • Prasidh Ki Kachori, a very famous kachori wala around Sheesh Mahal near Cloth Market. These kachoris are like ordinary ones but are very soft and flavorful. It is served with ‘Aamchoor’ which gives a different flavor to our tastebuds. The man who makes kachoris here typically looks like a ‘halvai’ and he doesn’t even utter a word while he makes them (busybee eh?).
  • Jhannat Kachori , ‘Thela wala’ or pushcarts are the oldest things which are still present, one of them is selling kachoris at ‘Rajwada’ near Mahalakshmi Temple called as GF Kachori. People call it as Zhannatedaar Kachori as it is very spicy and tasty. This is available in night from 9pm-midnight.  IMG_5961
  • Usal Kachori, well this is the current trend, people love fusing things up and coming up with a different taste just like this ‘Usal Kachori’. A flavorful kachori which is served with ‘Usal’ which is made of sprouts that are cooked in various spices with tangy chutney. You can find this in Cloth Market, with a person selling it for over 40 years and he has a rule “not to give a person more than 3 kachoris “…. Isn’t that funny? . Next time any of you visits, ask him why this rule? 😀 if you wanna have something spicy and finger licking, just go to Cloth Market near Ghanshyam Pani Puri.
  • Dahi Kachori, this is served with ‘meethi dahi ki chutney’ and ‘aloo kachori’. This savory is delicious, just try once and you will love it (totally worth it). It is available at Prashant Nashta Corner, Rajwada near ICICI Bank

  • Jodhpuri Kachori, This is a popular kachori, all the way from Rajasthan which is actually huge in size- around 8cm is its diameter. The kachori is made of ‘Aloo pyaaz masala’ along with unique spicy flavors and khada masala. It is very crispy, flat and delicious. This is available at Om Namkeen, New Palasia.
Its so BIG… 😀
  • Dry Fruit Kachori, this is one rich delicacy with assorted dry fruits and is sweet in taste. Easily available in most sweet shops in Indore. Well, to be honest Uttam Bhog in scheme no. 94 opp. Bombay Hospital serves the best dry fruit kachori in the city. 😎 . In the end… ‘Kuch Meetha Hojaye’ 😉
Kuch Meetha Hojaye… 😀

Till next time keep eating and stay spicy…. 😉


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