8 Famous Street Foods in Sarafa

Any mentions of city Indore brings its association with the very famous “Sarafa”. Sarafa is known to be food paradise. Sarafa market is a jewellery market in the daytime and converts into a street food heaven at night. It’s a candy land for all the people who love food and have midnight hunger pangs. Sarafa in the millennial language is a “VIBE”. The hustle bustle on the street with people and loads of food all around is a treat to the eyes and our tummies. Sarafa has some age-old dishes which people come from far away to try. Some of the lip smacking and must try dishes on your next trip to Sarafa should be:

  1. Samosa Corner: When we talk about samosa this is the place which comes in my mind “Samosa Corner” which is known for its “Khatta Samosa”. This shop is around 40 years old or even more than that. It’s the first shop as soon as you enter Bada Sarafa for your food journey. Crispy hot samosa served with chutney and costs Rs.12 only.
Khatta Samosa
  1. Joshi ke Dahi bade: This place got famous by Ram Chandra Joshi’s. The way he makes and to look at is one hell of an experience. He might even ask you to sit next to him and see what he does with the Dahi and Bada. He presses the Bada puts lot of Dahi and then wooosshhh, he throws the plate up 6 ft. high and catches it, then he holds the masala between his fingers and put them one by one while talking to you. He is like a celebrity street vendor of Indore and it’s been 75 years. This is one dish you can never miss if its your first time at Sarafa. The cost of one plate is Rs45 only.
Joshi Dahi Bade
  1. Bhutte ka kees: This is a very basic but classic dish which is widely popular in Indore and its surrounding areas. It’s grated (keema) sweet corn which is cooked and served warm. Then sprinkle some jeeravan masala, nariyal (coconut) burada, squeeze lemon on it and garnish it with coriander. The taste is just incredible and the shop name is “Sawariyaan Chaat” house, outside Joshi jewellers. The cost one plate is Rs.30 only.
Bhutte ka kees
  1. Khopra Pattis: Another delicacy of Indore is this fried ball filled with potato, crushed coconut which is served with chutneys. “Vijay Chaat” house brought this in market 40 years ago and cost of one plate is Rs. 16. It’s a very basic pattie with various fillings, but indeed to die for.
Khopra patiz
  1. . Indori Jaleba: From the family of sweets and husband of Jalebi….presenting “Jaleba”!!! It came into the market 30-40 years ago. You will only get this at Sarafa. It is bigger, thicker and juicer version of jalebi which can also be eaten with Rabdi on top. As big at appears, as much it fills your heart with joy and contentment. This one plate of sugar overdoze costs Rs 100 and its totally worth the price.
  1. Coconut Shake: one of the richest yet healthiest shake of all times. The shake is made with coconut fresh malai (cream). The shake contains coconut water, milk, ice-cream and the master ingredient coconut malai. One of the most cherished and visited shops at Sarafa. One glass of happiness costs Rs 40 only. Trust me this is one drink that will make your heart happy
Coconut Crush
  1. Shahi Paratha: Something which you will only be getting at Sarafa and this location is in the lane where pav bhaji is served. This uncle is famous for making different kinds of paratha and one of them is Shahi Paratha which has sev, aloo, cheese, Amul butter, masala which is served with ketchup, garlic and coriander chutney.
Shahi Paratha
  1. Malpua: it is one of the most famous desserts in India. The richness of the chashni (sugar syrup) and the gooey Malpua dipped in the chashni is absolute heaven on earth. Malpua is one of the must try desserts at Sarafa. The hot steaming malpuas are delicious and one of the most loved dishes by Indoris after jalebi.

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