10 MUST HAVE Kachoris In Indore

Street food is something everyone loves

Kachori’s are usually round flattened balls made of fine flour filled with a stuffing of of yellow moong dal or Urad dal, besan, black pepper, red chili powder, salt and other spices. And this is actually served differently in many states of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bengal, Delhi etc.

Indore has a wide variety in kachoris that is being sold in every street. Check ‘em out!

Lal Balti Ki Kachori Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
  • Laal Balti Kachori, the MOST famous shop in Indore. Infact, everybody knows about this place. The ‘Aloo ki kachori’ is served with green chutney which is so fiery and flavorful that takes the kachori to a completely next level where the person literally licks his/her fingers off :p. As the name suggests, there is a ‘Laal Balti’ hanging outside the shop that attracts people. A very simple place nothing such as ambiance, only a small seating area with no tables. Just grab a kachori at Laal balti and spice things up.

      Available at RamBagh & Rajendra Nagar

  • Ravi Alpahar, one of the most famous kachori shops in Anand Bazaar. It is at one of the primest locations in Indore and head office Nagar Nigam market. For so many working people around, it satisfies their hunger. Their specialty is ‘Aloo Ki Kachori’ with green chutney or pyaaz chutney. It also serves ‘Fariyali Kachori’ for the people who are Fasting, This is the USP of the place. IMG_0010
  • Gelda Kachori, a shop since 1979 situated in the ‘Heart of the City’ i.e Rajwada it sells poha and jalebi with different types of kachoris. This shop is famous for ‘Matar(peas) ki Kachori’ and ‘Bhutte(corn) ki kachori’ both of these are seasonal. Usually it has the famous ‘Pyaaz ki kachori’ made with 56 types of Khada masala and garlic. Well this is the season for ‘Matar kachori’, so just visit snd enjoy 😀

Available at Dawa Bazaar & RNT Marg

  • GSITS Kachori, a vendor that sells kachori at his stall which is next to GSITS College. A very famous place to have kachori. All the students and office going people usually come here to have a flavorful start to their day and I have heard people often saying “Bawa anand aa Jata hai isse Khaane se!!!  :D” (indori much?). They have ‘Aloo kachori’ served with onion and green chutney, the taste is very different which results in a perfect combination.  IMG_0141
  • Prasidh Ki Kachori, a very famous kachori wala around Sheesh Mahal near Cloth Market. These kachoris are like ordinary ones but are very soft and flavorful. It is served with ‘Aamchoor’ which gives a different flavor to our tastebuds. The man who makes kachoris here typically looks like a ‘halvai’ and he doesn’t even utter a word while he makes them (busybee eh?).
  • Jhannat Kachori , ‘Thela wala’ or pushcarts are the oldest things which are still present, one of them is selling kachoris at ‘Rajwada’ near Mahalakshmi Temple called as GF Kachori. People call it as Zhannatedaar Kachori as it is very spicy and tasty. This is available in night from 9pm-midnight.  IMG_5961
  • Usal Kachori, well this is the current trend, people love fusing things up and coming up with a different taste just like this ‘Usal Kachori’. A flavorful kachori which is served with ‘Usal’ which is made of sprouts that are cooked in various spices with tangy chutney. You can find this in Cloth Market, with a person selling it for over 40 years and he has a rule “not to give a person more than 3 kachoris “…. Isn’t that funny? . Next time any of you visits, ask him why this rule? 😀 if you wanna have something spicy and finger licking, just go to Cloth Market near Ghanshyam Pani Puri.
  • Dahi Kachori, this is served with ‘meethi dahi ki chutney’ and ‘aloo kachori’. This savory is delicious, just try once and you will love it (totally worth it). It is available at Prashant Nashta Corner, Rajwada near ICICI Bank

  • Jodhpuri Kachori, This is a popular kachori, all the way from Rajasthan which is actually huge in size- around 8cm is its diameter. The kachori is made of ‘Aloo pyaaz masala’ along with unique spicy flavors and khada masala. It is very crispy, flat and delicious. This is available at Om Namkeen, New Palasia.
Its so BIG… 😀
  • Dry Fruit Kachori, this is one rich delicacy with assorted dry fruits and is sweet in taste. Easily available in most sweet shops in Indore. Well, to be honest Uttam Bhog in scheme no. 94 opp. Bombay Hospital serves the best dry fruit kachori in the city. 😎 . In the end… ‘Kuch Meetha Hojaye’ 😉
Kuch Meetha Hojaye… 😀

Till next time keep eating and stay spicy…. 😉


Palm Oil, Friend or a Foe

t’s been a debatable conversation over Palm Oil whether it is good or bad. So, here are five Things you should know about Palm Oil which may clear your thoughts about the dilemma or its ambiguous nature

  1. Health Benefits of Palm Oil, Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil made from fruit of oil palm tree and is also called tropical oil. Palm oil is one of the least expensive and most popular oils worldwide, accounting for one-third of global plant oil production. Palm oil consist of Carotenoids Vitamin A (powerful antioxidant which helps in building immune system) which in-turn reduces Cholesterol level, heart disease and cancer. Palm oil is jam-packed with Tocotrienols, a form of Vitamin E and can support healthy brain function (Boost Brain cells).
  1. Palm Oil helps in Food Security, in recent years some Countries have been fighting over the Food Security in coming years for the generation which is yet to be born. Oil palm is more efficient, uses less land, needs fewer pesticides, and less fertilizer. The push to displace oil palm, then, would lead to moreland being used; more fertilizer and pesticides needed. Like in simple words if I’m getting something at cheaper price which in turn has many health benefits, then will you be thinking twice or you going to just buy it? 3 billion people globally consume palm oil as a major source of energy and vitamins – including in India, sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. As land scarcity increases, the ability of oil palm to produce more food, using less land, will become even more vital.=
  1. Palm Oil – Land use Efficiency, in many case studies it has been found out that Palm oil is more efficient than rapeseed, sunflower, soy because it uses less land in turn fewer pesticides. Let’s talk numbers and evaluate the statement. The United Nations FAO predicts that the earth will house 9 billion people by 2050. To meet their needs, it is estimated that 150 million additional tons of oils and fats will be required each year. Producing 150 million tonnes of oil is a major challenge. It will need a lot of land. Which crop would be best used? 38 million hectares of oil palm; or 187 million hectares of rapeseed| 250 million hectares of sunflower | 375 million hectares of soybean. Oil palm is so far ahead in terms of productivity.
  1. Uses of Palm Oil, Palm oil is literally everywhere – in our foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and fuels. Like there would be some products in our daily lives which we use or eat a lot and we have no idea it contains Palm Oil. Some brands include Colgate-Palmolive, Nestle, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, L’Oreal etc. It even has health benefits as it has Vitamin A and E which helps in heart, Brain and cancerous diseases and is also used as bio-fuel
  1. Is Palm’s Success its greatest enemy? From above points its obvious that Palm oil is and will be ruling the industry in coming years but with great success comes great enemies. Despite the facts about its benefits, uses and availability at cheaper rates people (Who deal into coconut, rapeseed, soy oil) are pointing out palm oil as its affecting other oil market.

There is nothing to Hate about Palm oil, everything on earth has its pros & cons but we need to see what’s best for humanity and its future. Oil palm is the best option by far

For more details you can check out this link https://www.mpoc.org.in

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A Delicious evening Mangosteen

Well let me tell you something i have never adjusted my schedule like this and the way i reached this place was a fun ride because i was getting late for this review session at a place somewhere on 4th floor situated in the center of the city and i have lots of memories from this place as i threw my birthday party here and ordered everything from Indian to Italian to Chinese.


One of those cafes in Indore other than national chains who has sustained in the food market of Indore for more than 6 years and the reason is they always have something new either it is treat to our eyes or to our stomach ?❤ . Renovated more than 4 times and revised there menu again to serve people of Indore the things they wanted to eat at this place. One of them is Chicken ? , and yes you read it right. It has started serving non-veg as well and i think i just forgot to mention the cafe ?? . It is the “Mangosteen Cafe” owned by a successful restaurateur Mr. Saurabh & boss thank you for inviting us to taste the new dishes added to your menu.


Let me first tell you about this place quickly, It is situated in New Palasia interstar building 4th floor. The best part is the mezzanine floor with gazebo seating and we sat in open air in the beautiful breezy weather under the moonlight and those incandescent bulbs were adding colors to it . They did some amazing graffiti which will definitely make you click a picture with it? and guess what i did that too ?

After all the fun it was time to review the food. So here it goes

1. Chicken Chimichuri : Chimichurri is a magical sauce. It’s a zesty and green sauce with fresh herbs, garlic, vinegar, chili pepper and olive oil that livens up pretty much anything you throw at it. Steak, fish, vegetables and chicken all love it — especially if they’re grilled or roasted. The chicken was roasted on Tawa served on skews n were very handy


2. Chicken Mushroom pot leek pie : i’m not a mushroom lover but this. Ooo maaayyy gaaud ? , the chicken n mushroom were marinated so perfectly & covered with canopy like crispy rotis were keeping chicken n mushroom warm. This was served with leek pie made of leek n shredded potatoes. Another must try dish from the menu


3. Chicken Baguette : This is a french delicacy from paris. It actually a bread loaf stuffed with minced marinated chicken and cheese on the top of bread, baked for a time n served fresh. Try this with Cuban mojito ?? . I mean the combination of those two is like pizza n coca cola (You know what i mean)


4. Pav bhaji & Dal Makhani : This is actually good that many cafes have started serving indian food as main courses but they still lack in bringing the actual taste from the street or city they belong
Pav Bhaji, the love of every Mumbaiker. Personally i didn’t liked it much because it was quite normal n nothing extra added by the chef who made this.


Dal makhani Combo, the love of every Punjabi. Well I’m a punjabi too and when i heard this was going to be served i was literally so happy because its been a month away from home n i didnt had my Moms Dal Makhani. So when it came looked really tempting but then again these cafes lack somewhere in bringing the aroma and the taste. After having a bite, was not happy just bcz i made my hopes high n it turned out not to be nice. Still you can give it a try two City Foods on one Table ?

5. Waffle with Cream n Fruits served with Maple n Blueberry Syrup : These warm waffles with in house freshly made Blueberry Syrup actually made my day. And how i can forget my favorite maple syrup ? . If you go to Mangosteen, Make sure you have this platter


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Best Restaurants in Jodhpur: Savor the Royal Experience at the City’s Finest Dining Destinations

Whenever I talk about Jodhpur to my friends, I remember roaming the local streets at 1 am when no one was around, just wind rushing near my ears at 7 degrees at night in December. It was dead silent and then the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The next morning, I thought of roaming like a local to experience the reality of Jodhpur when it comes to food.

Well, I have learned it a hard that sometimes you just don’t need an itinerary. What you need is to ask some locals who are way enough vocal to recommend you the best out of all the options because they want their city to stand out the best. My all-time saviors are the AUTO-RICKSHAW people, just grab one and start exploring the city from the streets to monuments to the food because they know it all and of course everyone over the internet knows where to roam like a tourist but no one understands what experience once should get from the city while hogging on the food which represents the city.

Here I’m coming to save your brainstorming for hours over the internet and give you a curated list of BEST EXPERIENCE in JODHPUR

  • Indique By Pal Haveli Jodhpur, Located in the heart of the city near Ghantaghar, this heritage property boasts a stunning appearance. Originally an ancient estate, it has been transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel featuring a restaurant with breathtaking views of Mehrangarh Fort. Guests can enjoy a truly unique dining experience with candlelit tables under the moonlight on the rooftop, complete with a lake view. Offering authentic North Indian cuisine and a selection of alcoholic beverages, the menu includes dishes such as whiskey sour, Hara bhara kebab, chicken lababdar, and kadai paneer accompanied by laccha paratha and cheese garlic naan. The exceptional flavors of the food linger long after the meal has ended. With a total bill of approximately 3000 INR, including taxes, this place comes highly recommended. (this place goes for waiting more than an hour, book tables in advance)
  • On the Rocks Jodhpur, As Jodhpur’s oldest standalone restaurant, this establishment offers a choice of five distinct settings, including indoor and outdoor dining, a bar, and options for Indian or Continental cuisine. Highly recommended by local residents and situated near Circuit House, this expansive eatery allows guests to enjoy their meal beneath neem trees, illuminated by candlelight. Despite a 40-minute wait, the experience proved to be worth it, winning over even initially hesitant family members. Opting for the Indian section, we savored dishes such as lemon chicken soup, banjara chicken tikka, veg ajwaini kebabs, chapatis, and moong dal ka halwa. While the mutton roganjosh was less appealing, the overall meal was delectable, with a total bill of around 3000 INR, including taxes.
On the Rocks
  • Gypsy Restaurant Jodhpur, Highly recommended by locals, who insist, “Waha zaroor hokar ana,” this popular dining spot is not to be missed. Despite a 25-minute wait for lunch, the casual atmosphere and rows of tables reminiscent of Haldiram’s or Bikaner Wala should not be underestimated. Renowned for its Thali offerings, both Rajasthani and North Indian, we decided to sample both to discover the hype.The North Indian Thali included curd, rice, dal makhani, paneer masala, gobi masala, two parathas, pakoda, gulab jamun, salad, and papad – truly delightful! Next came the Rajasthani Thali, featuring a mix of panch dal (Rajasthani style), bati, gate ki sabji, lahsun ki chutney, mirchi salad, and ladoo churma. To fully immerse ourselves in the experience, we followed the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” To enjoy the dal bati churma authentically, crush the bati on the plate, pour some dal over it, mix in some lahsun chutney, and then savor each bite using your fingers, allowing the flavors of Rajasthan to truly shine.

There is a YOUTUBE VIDEO for the same -> Click Here!

11 must have Street Food when in Ujjain

“Ujjain” which is known as Mahakal ki Nagri or by google maps as city of temples is majorly famous due to  Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple and Kumbh Mela which happens every 12 years. A random thought stuck my mind that every city has its own kind of specialty over food, So here I am bringing you curated list of places you must visit which was crossed checked by the locals of Ujjain for having great food

Its said when you visit Ujjain for the first time or you are about to start something new, the first thing is visit Mahakal and btw I did covered these places with a local influencer from Ujjain Shreya Rathode

At Mahakal with local Influencer of Ujjain,
Shreya Rathode

Sai Palace, behind Mangalnath Mandir

This was the first place in Ujjain to bring delicacy from Rajasthan with its thali of dal bafla which is sold upto 8pm everyday. Bafla is soaked in desi ghee and served on the side of dal, kadi, aloo sabji, lahsoon chutney, rice and its special churma ladoo with butter milk for digesting the food. This plate is priced at 180 rupees and is definitely a must visit place

Bhola Guru & Sons, Chota Sarafa

If you ask a local about lunch dine-in they will probably recommend you for Aloo Sabji Puri which is made in desi ghee and has been ruling over 90 years in the city, Bhola Guru and sons. Their 3rd generation is looking after this place and yet no changes have been made in the taste. 100 rupee plate has 5 puri, two types of sabji, raita and in house made mirchi besan pickle

Famous Kulfi wala, Gopal Mandir

A 75 year old shop at Gopal Mandir which is famous for selling freshly made kulfi in different flavors like kewda, pista, rabdi, sitafal kulfi at price of 30 rupess. You wont regret tasting these delicious kulfies.

Yadav doodh & Rabdi Bhandar, Pandribagh

A 150 year old shop at pandribagh, some people call this place “Rabdi wali aunty”. Mrs Kiran yadav is in her late 60’s supporting her family in every way she could and honestly speaking, no bragging but rabdi is literally top-notch, unbeatable . This place is the legit hidden gem.

PS: Visit this place after 3 PM, you will see that lady in action

Sawariyan Kachori, Dhaba Road

This shop is here for more than 30 years and sells mouthwatering dal kachori with tamarind and coriander chutney with cardamom on the top.

Bhola Guru & Sons, Chota Sarafa

A traditional Rajasthani sweet which is a maida dough ball deep fried and simmered in sugary syrup and melts down in mouth, you can easily feel the flaky texture and is a must have when you visit bhola guru.

p.s: Also try their gulab jamun (please please, YOU WON’T REGRET)

Rajendra Uphar Ghrey, Kanthal Chaurah

A 40 year old shop at kanthal chaurah which is known for selling its delicious “Kandawada” which is double fried patty made of gram flour and mixed with concoction of spinach, dry coriander, mint, ginger, green chili & garlic. This is a breakfast snack you can definitely have with tea

Famous Aloo Bada, Narendra Talkies

This is said to be spicy and is eaten with pav(bread) to balance the flavors. Its yet a simple but classic breakfast to have in morning

New Bhola Namkeen at Dabri Peetha

Another hidden gem of the city located at dabri peetha, brought the delicacy from Gujrat, Fafda / Khaman with Kadi. Khaman is soft, a little on sweeter side and of course savored spongy cake and Fafda on the other hand is deep fried served with khatti-meethi kadi

Sharma ji Chaat at Chatri Chowk

The only guy in town who puts amchur chutney on aloo tikki with lots of curd and coriander chutney, chole curry and garnish with minced onion and sev bhujia.

RB Zone Ki Chaat

This place in front of electronic shop name RB Zone, so people started calling this place as “RB Zone ki Chaat”. You can have anything here like pani puri, dahi puri, papdi chaat etc..

Thanks for scrolling down Ujjain street darshan in 60 seconds. Stay tuned for more listicles !!

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9 India’s most famous street food places to eat in Indore

The below list is all about well known street food places one should visit, and these are my personal favorites because street food and hidden food places are my forte and of course food on street is crazy like me

Johny Hot Dog, Chappan Dukkan:

Indore’s very own superstar, Mr. Vijay Singh Rathore changed the scene of street food with the idea of selling veg & non-veg hotdogs. The man who made it to Forbes “The Food Issue India”. Mutton lovers it’s paradise for you.

Joshi ke dahi bade, Sarafa

 A 70-year-old delicacy served with love and richness of flavors, Mr. Ram Chandra Joshi is very well known for his Flying Dahi bade in the streets of Sarafa.

Vijay Chat house (Khopra pateez), Chappan Dukkan

little bombs of flavor in form of fried pattie filled with sweetness of Khopra and tanginess of chutneys it’s one unique evening snack to binge on. An 50+ years old shop

Head sahab Usal Poha, Old palasia

Since 1983, this place is famous for its Chana and paneer usal, served with poha. A very famous breakfast joint for over 3 decades, is one food heritage of Indore.

Bhutte ka kees (Sawariya Chaat house), Sarafa

Another gem of Indore which is only available at Sarafa , the 23 year old shop has been a food attraction majorly famous for its “Kees”. It’s crushed corn cooked over the flame. The plate is layered with corn (bhutta), crushed slice of coconut with some squeezed lemon and coriander on the top

Lal Balti Kachori, Two outlets(Ram bagh & Rajendra Nagar)

one of the most famous eating attractions in Indore, It’s known for its mouth watering kachoris and its super spicy chutney. A must visit in your list. The kachoris are available until the bulb inside the red bucket is glowing

Avon Garadu, Sarafa

A famously found vegetable in MP, garadu (purple yam) is a snack loved by every Indori. This shop is famously known for its piping hot & crispy fried garadu available 24×7 x 365 days.

Jaleba, Sarafa

It’s the bigger version of jalebi in every dimension. Only available at Sarafa and the speciality about Jaleba is though it is thick n huge still it is crispier and juicy. You can eat with some Rabdi on the top

Nagori Shikanji, Sarafa

Don’t get confused with lemon Soda based drinks which are widely known as Shikanji. This is another Indore based delicacy which is milk, kesar, pista based drink which is 100 years old  and now sells a glass at Rs. 60

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8 Famous Street Foods in Sarafa

Any mentions of city Indore brings its association with the very famous “Sarafa”. Sarafa is known to be food paradise. Sarafa market is a jewellery market in the daytime and converts into a street food heaven at night. It’s a candy land for all the people who love food and have midnight hunger pangs. Sarafa in the millennial language is a “VIBE”. The hustle bustle on the street with people and loads of food all around is a treat to the eyes and our tummies. Sarafa has some age-old dishes which people come from far away to try. Some of the lip smacking and must try dishes on your next trip to Sarafa should be:

  1. Samosa Corner: When we talk about samosa this is the place which comes in my mind “Samosa Corner” which is known for its “Khatta Samosa”. This shop is around 40 years old or even more than that. It’s the first shop as soon as you enter Bada Sarafa for your food journey. Crispy hot samosa served with chutney and costs Rs.12 only.
Khatta Samosa
  1. Joshi ke Dahi bade: This place got famous by Ram Chandra Joshi’s. The way he makes and to look at is one hell of an experience. He might even ask you to sit next to him and see what he does with the Dahi and Bada. He presses the Bada puts lot of Dahi and then wooosshhh, he throws the plate up 6 ft. high and catches it, then he holds the masala between his fingers and put them one by one while talking to you. He is like a celebrity street vendor of Indore and it’s been 75 years. This is one dish you can never miss if its your first time at Sarafa. The cost of one plate is Rs45 only.
Joshi Dahi Bade
  1. Bhutte ka kees: This is a very basic but classic dish which is widely popular in Indore and its surrounding areas. It’s grated (keema) sweet corn which is cooked and served warm. Then sprinkle some jeeravan masala, nariyal (coconut) burada, squeeze lemon on it and garnish it with coriander. The taste is just incredible and the shop name is “Sawariyaan Chaat” house, outside Joshi jewellers. The cost one plate is Rs.30 only.
Bhutte ka kees
  1. Khopra Pattis: Another delicacy of Indore is this fried ball filled with potato, crushed coconut which is served with chutneys. “Vijay Chaat” house brought this in market 40 years ago and cost of one plate is Rs. 16. It’s a very basic pattie with various fillings, but indeed to die for.
Khopra patiz
  1. . Indori Jaleba: From the family of sweets and husband of Jalebi….presenting “Jaleba”!!! It came into the market 30-40 years ago. You will only get this at Sarafa. It is bigger, thicker and juicer version of jalebi which can also be eaten with Rabdi on top. As big at appears, as much it fills your heart with joy and contentment. This one plate of sugar overdoze costs Rs 100 and its totally worth the price.
  1. Coconut Shake: one of the richest yet healthiest shake of all times. The shake is made with coconut fresh malai (cream). The shake contains coconut water, milk, ice-cream and the master ingredient coconut malai. One of the most cherished and visited shops at Sarafa. One glass of happiness costs Rs 40 only. Trust me this is one drink that will make your heart happy
Coconut Crush
  1. Shahi Paratha: Something which you will only be getting at Sarafa and this location is in the lane where pav bhaji is served. This uncle is famous for making different kinds of paratha and one of them is Shahi Paratha which has sev, aloo, cheese, Amul butter, masala which is served with ketchup, garlic and coriander chutney.
Shahi Paratha
  1. Malpua: it is one of the most famous desserts in India. The richness of the chashni (sugar syrup) and the gooey Malpua dipped in the chashni is absolute heaven on earth. Malpua is one of the must try desserts at Sarafa. The hot steaming malpuas are delicious and one of the most loved dishes by Indoris after jalebi.

A Quick Getaway trip near Indore

Indore is one of the must-visit places for tourists and is a popular getaway among Indians and international tourists too. Places to visit near Indore are a perfect amalgamation of hill stations, trekking spots. Tourist places near Indore provide a perfect weekend getaway for laid back vacationers. There are many tourist places near Indore that showcase the beauty of the place and offer an unforgettable travel experience. I went on a day trip with my family to these beautiful & serene places which rejuvenates the inner you. The places are in chronological order from the start –

  1. Choral Dam & Resort, Choral Dam is a hidden gem that will definitely provide you with serenity and tranquility. Built around the backwaters of River Narmada, A large number of lush green trees and small hills surround the place making it even more attractive. This place is full of jovial water activities that will interest young and old alike. The panoramic views of the sky and the ground are mesmerizing. The different hues of sky coupled with the verdant trees and clear blue water is nothing short of perfection. Choral Dam is an ideal place for a weekend getaway and spend some quiet time relaxing and unwinding. It’s a perfect spot for picnic and you can also enjoy boating (Speed boat is must) in the serene water with the wind blowing that makes you forget all your stress in life and it is 46 Kms from Indore.
Speed Boat Ride | cost Rs. 450 (p.p)
  1. Jam Gate, it is named after the village ‘Jam’ and is the Gateway to Malwa Plateau, & hence was of strategic importance in earlier times. One sees a magnificent panoramic view of the underlying Nimar plains from here. You can use the stair case to go on top of it and see the humongous view which will blow your mind. Then how can you forget to click selfies boss! Prefer visiting this place when the weather is a bit cold otherwise the heat of Nimar region will kill your vibes and this is 18Kms from Choral Dam.
Jam Gate
  1. Maheshwar, Based on the banks of the River Narmada, this gorgeous town is largely referred to as the temple town of Madhya Pradesh. It also holds a lot of mythological and historical importance given the fact that it has found a mention in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.This was the capital of Rani Ahilyabai Holkar’s province, Holkar. She beautified the city with many buildings and public works, the Maratha architecture and this city was also home to her extravagant palace. Maheshwar is renowned majorly for its production of Maheshwari sarees, which makes this place a paradise for shopaholics. We reached Maheshwar around 2:30pm and were really hungry. So we went to Narmada Retreat Resort by MP tourism for having our lunch. The pricing is quite reasonable and service is fast and taste of food is really goooood :D! Places to visit in Maheshwar are Holkar fort, Temples inside, Narmada Ghat and shopping some maheshwari sarees
Mahewshar Resort
Devi Ahilya Fort
Narmada Ghat

We left Maheshwar at 5:50 pm and reached Indore around 7:30pm, back to base and we hired a cab which costed Rs.1800 and miscellaneous money in food was hardly Rs.1500. Our 1 day getaway trip costed not more than Rs. 3200. “A paisa vasool trip!!!”

10 Vegetarian House Party Lunch/Dinner Menu

As Indians having guests over is an age-old tradition, because “Atithi Devo Bhava!”. But this comes with huge dilemma of what to cook for lunch or dinner. Entertaining guests with a plethora of dishes are a matter of respect and honoring of the guests as Indians, making It more difficult to decide the dinner and lunch menus. Restaurant food can never beat the authenticity of the age-old moms home cooked food recipes. With the pandemic hitting the world it is bringing back times when food was home cooked, friends and family came over for celebrations, also bring back the home cooked tradition food. Here coming up with some amazing ideas to serve your guests for lunch or dinner parties.

  1. Punjabi style cooked Rajma, Karari Bhindi, served with rice: No wonder rajma is called the king of the pulses. Having guests over for lunch and don’t know what to cook, Rajma is the solution. Rajma is loved and appreciated by kids and adults too. Serving rajma with a nicely cooked karari bhindi and garam garam chapati is the best afternoon lunch menu. For siders having some green salad, pickle and raita is a great combination. As royal the lunch looks its even easier to cook.
  1. Amritsari Kulche and chole: No lockdown can keep the Punjabis away from their favorite kulche and chole. One of the easiest and most loved food is chole kulche/ bhature and is loved and relished by all. Chole goes well with rice as well and thus this combination is a wholesome meal in itself. A perfect lunch or dinner menu. For sides can be served a vegetable like here it’s been served with Kathal (jackfruit) ki sabzi, you can curate a combination of your own and serve with mix veg raita, pickle and salad.
  1. Dal-bati Churma:  It is one of the most famous dishes in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Dalbati in its own is a very royal and a heavy meal. One of the best options to serve it for lunch. Your guests will be left content, elated and finger licking post this culturally delightful meal. Dalbati is served with yellow dal, gatte ki sabzi, kadhi, garlic chutney, Butter Mik, churma laddo. Its an age old “Marwari” and “Rajasthani” traditional main course. The dalbati combination can be served with a variety of vegetables like- baingan bharta (Egg Plant), Aloo sabzi, beans, mix vegetable etc. this is a sure hit menu to be served for lunch.
  1. Mumbai chat house: Sounds like a beachside shop on Juhu beach. Exploring the horizon of dinner menus, serving your guests with mouth watering street food is one the quirkiest and easy to serve dinner menus. Making chaat-papdi, panipuri, chole tikki and dahi puri, bhel has already left you with a mouth full of water. Serving your guests with this menu with this food extravaganza will also leave your guests with all praises. So the next time you have a dilemma of what new to cook for a party consider the chat house option.
  1. Hongkong Chinese: We Indians have fusion the Chinese food with Indian culture making it more tempting and harder to resist. The street style Chinese food is also a great idea for dinner menus. The amazingly home cooked Manchurian with fried rice/noodles, chilly paneer some of the irresistible indie Chinese delicacy. This is an easy to make and easy to serve Chinese dishes. A dinner evening with friends and family and lots of Chinese food sounds like a great dinner plan
  1. Mexican rice and tortilla chips: Quarantine cooking has made people explore different cuisine dishes. One of them is home cooked tortillas chips with salsa dip and Mexican rice. This in itself is a very filling meal with richness of the Mexican rice. The rice is cooked with grains like rajma, chawla, peanuts, veggies, cheese etc. tortillas chips give the crispy and tangy flavor. This can be a great innovation to your dinner menu and a different cuisine taste for your guests.
  1. Dal makhani/Dal Bukhara:  If you’re a food lover dal makhani would surely be your weakness. Dalmakhani is also called as Dal Bukhara at some places. Dal makhani is part of every important event be it weddings, grand dinners or a normal visit to the restaurant. For a lavish whole some dinner dalmakhani served with rice or naan is a great option to entertain your guests.  Dalmakhani served with rice pickle, salad and raita is way to foodcoma. So the next time when you plan a dinner dalmakhani should surely be a hit in your list.
  1. Cheese Dum Aloo: Nobody ever said a no to the aloo love. Aloo served in any form is loved and relished by everyone. Cheese dum aloo is a dish that can up your cooking game in a family gathering at home. It is a wholesome heavy dish can be served with naan, paratha or roti. Something that everyone loves and will be a great lunch or dinner serving
  1. . Paneer makhani and Tandoori Roti: Talking about vegetarian food and not mentioning Paneer (cottage cheese) is a sin. Paneer can be served as a starter as well as main course. Here we have Paneer makhani or can also be called Butter Paneer Masala. The creaminess of the gravy is absolutely tempting and finger licking. Paneer butter masala is veteran paneer dish and is loved by all. This is something which can never go wrong in a dinner or lunch party served with home cooked tandoori rotis what bliss to experience.
  1. Biryani served with salan and raita: Eternally biryani has been loved and cherished as a great home cooked meal. It is in itself an ocean of flavors. One of the best dinner or lunch options to serve to your guests. Biryani is considered to be a non veg specialty but is always open for experiment for the vegetarians too with paneer, soya and lots of veggies. Biryani can never go wrong and will be your savior

So, the next time you’ve to cook a wholesome delicious vegetarian meal, you’ve plenty of options to serve your guests with.